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The Top Pick for Service Providers to Find and Hire Office Staff.

Your next hire awaits. Let us pair you! 
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What Our Process Looks Like


Source Candidates

Need a diverse pool of candidates? We've got you covered! Here at HealthPair we source candidates from a wide variety of platforms and places, ensuring a diverse and highly qualified pool of potential hires. From professional networks to industry events, we leave no stone unturned in our search for the perfect fit for your team. Trust us to find the best candidates from a variety of sources.



Place Candidates

Need help placing the perfect candidate in your office? HealthPair takes the guesswork out of hiring by expertly matching our highly qualified and approved by you sourced and screened candidates to your specific needs and requirements. From setting up all virtual interviews, to even coordinating in-office interviews and shadowing we handle all aspects of the placement process, so you can focus on running your business. Trust us to find and place the perfect candidates for your team.



Screen Candidates

Looking for the most qualified candidates? Here at HealthPair we thoroughly screen each and every candidate to ensure they meet your specific requirements. From personality questionnaires, to comprehensive phone screenings, to in-depth interviews, our vetting process remains unmatched. Trust us to deliver only the most highly qualified and vetted candidates to you.



Enjoy Your Dream Team

Congratulations! You've successfully found your ideal team member through HealthPair. Now it's time to savor the rewards of a seamless and effective recruitment process. Watch as your new team member becomes an integral part of your success story. At HealthPair, we don't just stop at placement; we ensure you enjoy the benefits of a well-matched and valuable addition to your team. Revel in the success of your hiring journey with HealthPair – because finding the right talent is just the beginning of building a thriving and harmonious team.

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What Our Clients Say

If anyone is searching for an associate, I highly recommend reaching out to Johnny Reuter [and HealthPair]. He set me up with an associate, and I connected with several other potential associates throughout the process.

Dr. Devon Coughlin — New Jersey

What Makes HealthPair Better


Quick & Effective Workflow

Our recruitment process delivers quality candidates quickly and efficiently. We've fine-tuned every step to swiftly identify and connect you with the best talent. Experience rapid, effective hiring today.


Proprietary Software

Our cutting-edge software streamlines the recruitment process, ensuring swift and seamless candidate sourcing, screening, and placement. Elevate your hiring with innovative technology.

We Place ALL Positions

Looking to fill a specialist role or a non-specialist role? We have you covered. We place all positions; doctors, techs, CAs, billing agents, office managers, and every other role that runs a successful practice.

Contact Us

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